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This Website uses its own and third party cookies in order to improve the services provided through it by analysing the User's browsing habits.


What is a cookie?


A cookie is a file that is downloaded to the User's computer when he/she accesses certain websites, such as this one. Cookies allow such websites, among other things, to store and retrieve information about the User's browsing habits or those of his/her computer and, depending on the information they contain and the way he/she uses his/her computer, they can be used to recognise the User.

LUXAE uses cookies when browsing its website. Cookies are information about the user that web servers install on the user's hard drive to remember them later. However, these cookies are only associated with an anonymous user and his/her computer, without allowing for personal identification. Cookies cannot damage your device and are also very useful as they help us to identify and resolve errors. Unless you have set your browser to disable cookies, our system will use cookies as long as you visit our website.

The cookies used on our Website, are our own and those of third parties, and allow us to store and access information regarding the language, the type of browser used, and other general characteristics predefined by the user, as well as, to follow and analyse the activity carried out, with the aim of introducing improvements and providing our services in a more efficient and personalised manner. Luxae does not use advertising cookies or behavioral advertising.

The use of cookies offers numerous advantages in the provision of information society services, since, among other things: it makes it easier for the user to navigate the Website and access the different services it offers; it prevents the user from configuring predefined general characteristics each time he or she accesses the Website; it favours the improvement of the operation and services provided through the Website, after the corresponding analysis of the information obtained through the installed cookies.

You can choose to configure your browser in such a way that it warns you when cookies are received and prevents them from being installed on your hard disk, although this may lead to a decrease in the quality of the website's operation .
However, you can configure your browser, accepting or rejecting all the cookies, or select those whose installation is allowed and which are not, by following one of the following procedures, depending on the browser used:

Google Chrome (in the Tools Menu)

Settings > Show advanced options > Privacy (Content settings) > Cookies

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Microsoft Internet Explorer (on the Tools Menu)

Internet Options > Privacy > Advanced

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Options > Privacy > Cookies

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Safari, iPad and iPhone

Preferences > Privacy

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Settings > Options > Advanced > Cookies

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Types of Cookies

There are different types of cookies. They all work the same way, but have small differences:

a) Session Cookies. Session cookies last only for the duration of your visit and are deleted when you close your browser. Their main purpose is to identify the type of device, to support the security of the website or its basic functionality. They do not contain personal information that would allow us to identify an individual.

b) Persistent or Permanent Cookies They are stored on the hard disk of the device and our website reads them each time a new visit is made, they have an expiry date, after which the cookie stops working. They allow us to identify your actions and preferences; analyze visits and help us understand how users come to our site and improve our services.

c) Functionality Cookies: They allow us to remember decisions made by the user, such as their login or identifier.
The information that these cookies collect is anonymized (that is, it does not contain your name, address, or other data).

d) Third Party Cookies. Third-party cookies are cookies installed by a website other than the one you are visiting; for example, those used by social networks (such as Facebook) or by external content add-ons (such as Google Maps). In addition, some advertising companies use these types of files to track your visits to each site where they are advertised.

e) Analytical Cookies: These are cookies that are used for periodic maintenance and to ensure the best operation and service to the user; collecting data on their activity.

Changes to the Cookie Policy

We may update our website's Cookie Policy, so we recommend that you review this policy each time you access our website in order to be properly informed about how and what we use cookies for.